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  • How Facilities Management Has Evolved

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    Facilities management is defined as a line of work that involves various disciplines within a building. It caters for everything from the low-end which is cleaning up to the high-end. Facilities management also provides services and infrastructure of the building to ensure everything is running accordingly.

    It wasn’t so long ago when the world was working so different. Managers had big offices and secretaries; everyone had a secretary. Computers were big and slow, and letters were written by hand and sent on a trolley to be typed. The air was conditioned by opening windows and drinks were brought around by a tea trolley and the energy that powered the offices came from coal. People worked from 9 to 5 and life was slower.

    Today, things are radically different. The desktop computers changed everything and the office walls were torn down years ago as offices became open. The world started to demand everything in an instant and employees have constant email access by mobiles and tablets. The world has become digital increasing pressure to reduce cost.

    Over the next ten years there will be an even more radical change in the work environment than in the last 30 years. Survival and success will be built on flat structures and infrastructure needs of businesses will be radically redefined. People will be utilizing cleaner energies such as solar, biogas, wind. Innovative local energy solutions will also emerge where businesses and communities collaborate so as to meet their particular needs therefore creating opportunities by looking at things different and in innovative ways.